Breaking Down Medicare Part D: The Prescription Drug Coverage Guide

Medicare Part D is a component of Medicare that covers prescription drug costs for seniors and all Medicare beneficiaries. Navigating the complexities of Part D can be overwhelming, but understanding how it works will help you access the medications you need more affordably.   In this My Medicare Network (a non-government entity) guide, we’ll unravel the […]

Medicare & Home Modifications: Adapting Your Home for Aging in Place

Aging in place is the concept of staying in one’s home throughout the aging process. It is a goal shared by many seniors.  To support aging in place, homes may require modifications to remain safe, comfortable, and accommodating.  Medicare offers some coverage for medically necessary home modifications to help seniors maintain their independence and enhance […]

How to Keep Your Medicare Documents Organized and Secure: 8 Tips

Are you familiar with the feeling of urgently needing your personal Medicare documents, only to discover that you’ve misplaced them somewhere?  Have you ever experienced the frustration of falling behind in updating your important records, only to suffer delays in receiving necessary healthcare service or care?  Or worse yet, have you, or someone you know, […]

Medicare and Telehealth: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accessing Virtual Care in 2023

Telehealth has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered in recent years, providing convenient and accessible options for individuals of all ages. In this guide, we’ll: Understanding Telehealth Telehealth has transformed the healthcare landscape by leveraging technology to connect patients with healthcare providers remotely. It encompasses a wide range of services, including video visits, phone consultations, […]

Your 10-Step Springtime Medicare Checklist

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Spring is a great time to take stock of your healthcare needs and ensure that you are getting the most out of your Medicare coverage. Here is a springtime checklist for Medicare recipients to make sure they are getting proper coverage: 1. Review your Medicare plan: Take some time to review your Medicare plan to […]

9 Preventative Services Covered by Medicare

As a Medicare recipient, you have access to a wide range of preventative services to help you maintain your health and catch potential issues early. Here are some of the services covered under Medicare: 1. Cancer Screenings  Cancer can be scary, but catching it early can make a big difference in your treatment and prognosis. […]

Medicare Plans for Veterans

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Explore the differences between Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits and Medicare Advantage plans in order to make your next healthcare and prescription selections. If you have served in the military and carry Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare benefits, it’s important to know if you may be eligible to participate in a Medicare Advantage Plan and how that […]

TRICARE For Life and Medicare Plans for Veterans

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Your guide for how TRICARE For Life and Medicare work together to cover the costs of veterans’ healthcare needs.   TRICARE (previously known as CHAMPUS) is a healthcare program available to active duty or retired service members, current or retired national guard/reserve members, and their beneficiaries. Unlike VA benefits, TRICARE is an insurance service contracted by […]

Medicare Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If you’re new to Medicare or just have some general questions about the program, you’re not alone. Medicare is a complex federal health insurance program that provides coverage for hospital stays, doctor’s visits, and other medical services. It can be overwhelming to navigate the different types of plans, coverage options, and enrollment processes. In this […]

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